Transformation: Not Just The Right Thing To Do

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment is, at its very heart, about transformation. It is about changing the way we do business in South Africa, making it more inclusive, more fair, more just. But it is not just about changing the way we do business – it’s about changing the way that we live.

“I was recently inducted into the Women Presidents Organization, a close-knit community of some of the world’s most successful women business leaders,” says Angie Lanham-Love, CEO of Lanham-Love Consulting. “This international Non-Profit seeks to help women from diverse, noncompetitive industries take their companies to the next level, by means of engagement with like-minded entrepreneurs dedicated to helping each other make a big impact.”

“What is this, if not transformative?” asks Lanham-Love. “Instead of being encouraged to see one another as competition, the women of the WPO seek to engage with, encourage and uplift one another, through their unique perspectives and business insights that allow for a different perspective, a more holistic view. This was a revolution for me – why can we not be doing the same thing across the board in the South African space?”

“One of the greatest things about this approach is the focus on diversity,” says Lanham-Love. “And one of the greatest benefits of focusing on transformation, on making the circle of inclusion bigger, is the addition of so very many different perspectives. More diverse business, more diverse communities allow for more creative approaches, and a greater likelihood that those approaches can be implemented effectively.”

Lanham-Love Consulting is a big believer in what we term The South African Project – a project dedicated to making a better life for every South African. “My colleagues and I believe that transformation lies at the heart of The South African Project,” says Lanham-Love. “Because we are still in the process of transitioning from an unequal society into one that offers more equal opportunity for all, it is vital for us to include a diverse set of South African perspectives if we are, indeed, working towards creating a better life for all. I may have an idea of what constitutes a better life, but unless I am engaging with people from all walks of South African life, I cannot have a full picture of what the best way forward could be.”

“Transformation, while difficult, is more than just the right thing to do,” says Lanham-Love. “It is the smart thing to do, the just thing to do. Any point of growth is painful, but, without growth, we will stagnate, and be left behind by a world that is ever changing. Through transformation, we can do our utmost to ensure that the changes we are a part of making are changes for the better.”

Lanham-Love Consulting’s dynamic, flexible team of consultants specialise in ensuring comprehensive B-BBEE compliance.  Speak to us if you want guidance on how to make transformation work for you and your company.


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