Do You See Your Employees as an Expense – Or an Asset?

We are in the midst of what is being termed The Great Resignation. Worldwide, companies are finding that people “don’t want to work anymore”, or, more specifically, don’t want to work for them 

This is less of a trend in South Africa, but we are beginning to see it here, too: more so in markets that require specialist professionals1. Generally speaking, employees are beginning to expect more from their employers, and are leaving when they don’t get it.  

And it’s not just about salary these days. Far more people are resigning because they wish to have a better work-life balance and more flexibility in their place of work and working hours. Tellingly, even more are looking for opportunities to develop their careers – and themselves. 

“I feel that this has a lot to do with the fact that many employers have been conditioned to see their employees as an expense, rather than as an asset,” says Angie Lanham-Love, CEO of Lanham-Love Consulting, a 73.57% Black Owned Level 2 BEE Entity that specialises in ensuring that your Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment strategy will lead to growth for your business. “This has always been a short-sighted approach, but even more so in the current employment climate.”  

“When we see our employees as an expense, we become loathed to invest in them further, and therefore neglect to educate and develop them,” says Lanham-Love. “They therefore do not achieve the experience necessary for them to be effective in their roles, they do not grow as employees, and, if they’re good, will leave your employ for more fulfilling pastures.” 

“However, if we can shift our perspective and see our employees as an asset, we can start to change the entire culture of business,” says Lanham-Love. “Employees that can see that they are valued are far more likely to take personal pride in your business. They can become ambassadors for your company, bringing in more customers and keeping your existing customers happy and satisfied.” 

“Valued employees become valuable employees, able to take ownership of their roles, problem-solve effectively and become even more of an asset to your company,” says Lanham-Love. “By changing the paradigm and considering our employees an asset rather than a cost, we begin to recognise the necessity of investing in them as a resource that needs to be cultivated and encouraged. Investment in this vital aspect of your business is key, if you want your business to be futureproof.” 

If you see the value of a skilled, educated, transformed, and continually developing workforce, speak to the experts at Lanham-Love Consulting. We ensure that the time and money you spend on skills development results in maximised benefit on your BEE scorecard, meaning that your business does not only benefit from increased compliance, but also benefits from employees who are valued – and valuable. 


LLC is perfectly positioned to ensure comprehensive B-BBEE compliance.

This means companies, B-BBEE consultants and B-BBEE Verification agents collaboratively need to change the way they operate in the B-BBEE environment. We believe we are at the forefront of this change in methodology which creates B-BBEE flexibility, excellence and ultimately “peace of mind regarding B-BBEE fronting and compliance”.